Rabbi Dovid Okunov Memorial Site

Click here to read a biography of Reb Dovid (Hebrew, PDF).

Click here to read news paper clippings which reported the murder of Rabbi Dovid Okunov

The murder of Rabbi Dovid Okunov leads to the establishment of FREE's Yeshivat Ohel Dovid.

PROFILE: Rabbi Dovid Okunov, Noted Chasidic Personality Remembered.

Click here read a handwritten letter from the Lubavitcher Rebbe to Rabbi Dovid Okunov.

Click here to listen to a public address of the Lubavitcher Rebbe – at a Farbrengen during the week of Shiva of Rabbi Dovid Okunov.

Click here to read published stories of Rabbi Dovid Okunov.

Reb Dovid Okunov at Camp FREE Gan Israel Summer Camp




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