Celebrating FREE's 85th Circumcision

Celebrating FREE's 85th Circumcision at the Grand Ballroom of the Jewish Center 667 Eastern Parkway, on December 28th 1975.

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Read a press release about this event (Yiddish)
Read an article from Algemeiner Journal, reporting this event (Yiddish)
"FREE Celebrating 85 Circumcision’s over four months", Algemeiner Journal (Yiddish)
"The F.R.E.E. Organization is spreading Judaism in between Russian Jews", Algemeiner Journal (Yiddish)

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Seated From right to left: Dr. Benjamin Pogvitch OBM, Rabbi Hirsh Chitrik, and Rabbi Shmual Butman (Speaking) and Rabbi Feldman.

Newly arrived Russian women at the celebration.

Seated from right to left are Rabbis: Yisroel Ducman, Rafael Wilschansky, Yehoshua Dubrawsky, A. Pliskin, Mendel Gorelik, M. Vishedski, Dr. Benjamin Pogvitch, Hirsh Chitrik, Shlomo Golperin, Feldman, Shmual Butman and Hirsh Okunov.

from right to left are Rabbis: Hirsh Chitrik, Shmual Butman, Yizchok Mishulovin, the Gust of honor Rabbi Yizchok Raitport,Zalmen Sirota, Rafael Wilschansky, A. Pliskin, Yehoshua Dubrawsky.

thosends of newly arived refugees at the celebration.

Rabbi Shmual Butman presents the circumcised children with a gift.

The Mohel Rabbi Eliyahu Shain seated in the center together with Dr. Benjamin Pogvitch OBM, while the crowd dances around.

The celebration concluded with a joyous dance.



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